New Artist Find: Swiss Lips


BLAH BLAH BLAH generic intro. Sorry, it's not you guys, I really just have had it up to here today!!! Just one of those days when nothing is going right. Luckily we have the internet. Thank you internet.  And thank you Arthurkidz, our latest new Curator to BitCandy who turned us on to new artists, Swiss Lips as well as electro house meets funk artist Tuxedo.

However, the internet can be a cruel place too. In a black-hole full of endless generic lyric videos and an infinite collection of equally trashy music and people...few have the chops to make it last. Well, catchy songs and coke-fiend-type-addiction to videos like the one below for U Got The Power, is a good way to get an audience hooked.

Warning the video below contains the following:
-Mass quantities of break-dancing
-More windbreakers / sweatsuits than a RUN DMC dressing room
-Dance Battles with story lines only dictated by facial expressions

This is UK's dance electro-pop 5 piece, Swiss Lips. I don't know why but that video makes me happy. It's like a giant MJ meme or something. But it's definitely their happy-go-lucky festival vibe that has landed them in that very spot on many an occasion.

Carolyn, dammit that's my grand mamma's name. I have trouble hating anything associated with that name cuz she's such a sweet old-lady! So I guess no matter what I couldn't hate this song if i tried...Damn you Swiss Lips. You win. I will be watching those videos again.

They also have some sweet remix versions of DANZ. Where can you find em? Come on, do you really even need to ask?

Feel free to keep our best new artists page bookmarked for more like Swiss Lips.