New Artist Find: Tuxedo


WAKE THE FUNK UP!!  I know you've been depressed...I get it.

Whether its the New Daft Punk suckin' a fat one, or the NSA busting you for your hidden beastiality stash, life as we know it is starting to crumble beneath us. At least you got that SWEET SWEET STACK OF BENJAMINSSS!!!

Ok, maybe not. But at least you're not in a Christian metalcore trying to hire a hitman to murder your wife. Honestly, this is 2013, what kind of shotty hitman service only charges $1K to whack someone? Probably one's run by the COPS.

(More on that here, if you haven't heard:

tim lambesis hired a killer

YEEZUS people... pull yourselves together! Go grab a shower, clean yourself up a bit, put on your best suit and tie and get ready for the day. Better yet.. throw on some shades and that funky fresh West Coast Tuxedo...NOW WE"REE TALLLLKKINNNNN MUTHA FUNKASSSSS...LETSS DO THISS!!

Do It's that sweet-and-savory seasonal jam; laced with heavy synths and a funky fuckin bass line, this one will have you dancin' for days. Not much is known about Tuxedo, except that it is rumored to be the uber-cool-collabo between LA singer songwriter Mayer Hawthorne and Seattle hip-hop producer Jake One.

I am a huge fan of this pulsing wave of artists circling back to years of intensely-seductive-silky-smooth soul train type music and shit...

"I work all week, just to make ends meat,
I wanna get you in between the sheets, i wanna feel the heat
i wanna feel the heat"

On that note, this stunningly gorgeous female I know just got home from work...  Beautiful Girl + Bottle of wine + Tuxedo EP = why am I still here talking to you guys..