Los Angeles-based band 3 TEETH is quickly gaining momentum with their heavy industrial sound that’s perfect for fans of bands like Ministry or Nine Inch Nails. They’ve already caught the attention of TOOL (who they’re actually touring with!) and you’ll soon find yourself anticipating the release of their upcoming sophomore album, <shutdown.exe>. We here at BitCandy can’t get enough and we are super excited to share the beautifully powerful and intense sounds of 3 TEETH.



“Nihil” is the opening track on their debut self-titled album from 2014, and it eases you into their sound with menacing keys before suddenly yanking you into punchy pulsating beats. After the 1:15 mark the track really takes off with snarling vocals, chugging guitars, and swirling electronics to keep you totally hooked through its 4 minute duration. “Nihil” is not only a great album opener but it’s also a great track to introduce you to their sound and feel.



“Consent” starts out on a heavy sample-filled note with everything from pulsating Casio-sounding drum machine beats, camera-sounds and news reporter samples that make for a detailed and well-crafted beat. Soon sirens start going off as the bass-heavy beat takes you deeper into the dark and intoxicating track. “Consent!” singer Alexis Mincolla snarls as expertly controlled chaos erupts throughout the song’s duration before coming to a perfectly abrupt ending.



“Pearls 2 Swine” is a glitched out industrial whirlwind of heart pounding beats, pulsating synths, and unnerving echoing vocals. The electronics and synth-work really shine on this track, but they still manage to leave plenty of room for heavy chugging guitars (just after the 2 minute mark) to create a perfect representation of their distinct sound.

For more 3 TEETH check out their SoundCloud Playlist.

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