We know that UK-native Aiden Grimshaw isn’t exactly a new artist, but we are still super excited about his promising new sound on his latest tracks, “Animal” and “Giving It Up.” Besides working with former One Direction-er Zayn Malik, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter was an X-Factor finalist in 2010 and released his first album, 'Misty Eye,' in 2012. But now he’s busy promoting his new 4-track EP that is packed with striking production and intoxicating vocals that prove he is destined for success.



“Animal” grabs your attention with subtle wild life-sounding electronics and a slow-grooving beat that quickly makes way for a strong vocal melody and catchy chorus. Blasts of synths, thumping bass lines, and bass-heavy beats make for a dark and sexy track as he sings, “white lies and alcohol/ chemical camouflage/ you’re so animal/ tell me when the love is gone.” It’s simply a solid and well-crafted song that totally stands out from the mainstream.



“Giving It Up” has a strong beginning with Dr.Dre-sounding electronics that set the track’s hypnotic tone, while the pulsating percussion and fuzzy synths carry you throughout. His easy-going vocals add to the track’s hazy vibe as he sings, “I thought you’d always stay/ I thought we’d have farther to go” and “as one door shuts another opens” which makes for a moody yet optimistic track. The tune takes on an eerie, almost Middle Eastern-influenced vibe after the 2:30 mark which eventually leads you to its end.

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