Brand new singer-songwriter Aisha Bardu will instantly turn you into a fan with her smokey smooth vocals and soulful sound. The New Yorker just released her new EP, Vacancy, that’s solid from beginning to end and showcases her knack for writing alluring acoustic-guitar driven folk with powerfully poetic lyrics. If you’re into singer-songwriters like Beck or Norah Jones but yearn for something new, then Aisha Badru is one artist you’ll definitely want to check out.



“Waiting Around” is the lead single off of her new Vacancy EP and serves as a wonderful introduction to her enticing sound. Featuring gently picked acoustic guitar and her heartfelt vocals, subtle orchestral strings are slowly introduced that add to the track’s emotional intensity. It's a particularly powerful debut that’s perfect for your rainy day playlists.



“Navy Blues” will grab you instantly with its gorgeous and haunting vibe that’s slightly reminiscent of Little Broken Hearts-era Norah Jones (which is awesome!). Featuring a soft yet menacing vocal melody that’s completely enchanting, strings, guitar, and subtle keys, it’s a wonderfully gloomy track that's perfectly arranged.



“Never Mind” is a short but sweet track that begins with individually plucked guitar notes and vocals that sound louder than her usual soft croon. Just before the 1-minute mark, things pick up with a slow and steady beat and urgent guitar playing, which causes the tension and energy to slowly build before falling once again just before the track’s unforeseen ending.

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