Lately if you come across an awesome new electronic artist that sticks out from the crowd, chances are they are from down under which just so happens to be the case with Melbourne-based singer AKACIA. We still don’t know much about this infectious new artist, but her track “Waiting Game” has us completely smitten with her silky-smooth croon and chilled out production. Read on to see why we think AKACIA is on her way to being your favorite new chill out artist!



“Waiting Game” will leave you in a relaxed dreamlike trance and you’ll want to keep coming back for more. The track begins with a lightly taping beat reminiscent of rainfall, while bubbling electronics make way for a blast of spaced out synths that first hit at the 0:34 mark which amps up the intensity. The track continues to build with various light and airy electronic elements that allow her gorgeously hazy vocals to take center stage on this minimalistic yet carefully crafted track.



AKACIA teams up with fellow Aussie producer CABU on the wonderfully hypnotic track “Gold.” Her silky vocals draw you in to the slow building track along with calming electronics and hazy synths. Things get off on a  smooth and bass-heavy note after the 0:45 mark with booming bass, wobbly synths, sparkling keys and ticking and winding beats that make for a unique and dazed-out 4 minutes. Things really take off about half way through at the 2:42 mark when hypnotic electronics, keys and booming beats continue to build in urgency until finally breaking before the track’s ending. It’s a solid track that allows both new artists to shine.

So since we’re sure you loved what you heard and want more from AKACIA, be sure to show her your support by liking her Facebook page and tell her your pals over at BitCandy sent ya! And if you need even more awesome new music like this to beef up your playlists, head on over here.


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