Australia has been busting out emerging electronic artists left and right lately, and this time out of Brisbane comes 19 year old vocalist/electronic producer, Abraham Tilbury. Going by the stage name Allthingslost, he describes his sound as presenting “a diverse exploration of sounds and styles, combined with very raw and genuine vocals,” and I totally agree. His debut EP, Disparated, features six songs that are full of smooth and sultry vocals along with electronic elements that take you on a beautifully mellow and enchanting ride.



“Hold You Down” is probably my favorite track of his, as it draws you in slowly with soft atmospheric synths and milky vocals. Lots of changes happen throughout the track’s duration, like around the 1:35 mark where a simple yet effective electronic beat comes in and ties the whole thing together. Then the track takes another turn around the 3:00 mark, where it features captivating synths and pushes it up to a whole other level.



“Nervous” is a wonderfully haunting slow-burner packed with spooky distorted vocals and soft electronic beats and clicks. The electronic elements are soothing and relaxed, causing the vocals to sound almost jarring as they pull you out of the dreaminess of the music, but it all makes for a beautifully chilling track that’s simple yet solid.



“Stay Strong” instantly grabs your attention as this time the music slowly builds behind his vocals, starting off with sparse and drawn out notes. Once the beat comes in around the 0:45 mark, the bass and keys all slowly come together to create something truly magical on this short but sweet track.

If you liked what you heard, head over to Allthingslost’s Facebook and show him support. Last but not least, shoutout to Curator, Duffster for sharing this awesome new find with us! And if you want even more new music, head over here

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