There isn’t a lot known yet about UK singer/songwriter Amy Milner. The 20 year old piano player has already had a major career boost by being featured on BBC’s Introducing, and her debut song, “Have It All” is creating some serious buzz. She only has the one song available at the moment, but I think it gives us a great taste of what’s to come in the future.



I think releasing “Have It All” as her debut was the perfect way to introduce us to her raw and captivating sound. Being a piano driven track, it starts with nothing but piano and her strong vocals that sound deep yet soothing. Once the chorus hits around the 0:50 mark, a simple electronic beat comes in and the song truly begins to come alive. The electronic elements stick around for the remainder of the track, but it doesn’t take away from the song’s simple and stripped down vibe. The break down around 2:20 strips away the piano, and we are left with nothing but some backing vocals that really take it to the next level. The way the piano slowly evolves and how the minimal electronic elements are sprinkled in throughout the song proves that Amy isn’t just another piano-playing, singer/songwriter that we’ve all heard before. She has a true talent when it comes to arranging a song, and I think this was a teaser for what else she has up her sleeve.

I assume she will release more material any time now since its obvious her first track is a total hit with the internet. But in the mean time, I encourage you to help her out and give her some “likes” on Facebook (she hasn’t hit 500 yet! Let’s help her get to 1,000!). Oh yeah, and tell her BitCandy sent you!

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