The world may already be packed with hopeful singer-songwriters writing acoustic love songs, but it’s rare to stumble upon one as alluring and original as this particular new artist. Australia-native Amy Shark writes acoustic guitar-driven folk songs with a catchy pop flare, and her unique vocals and knack for writing infectious hooks will captivate you instantly. Her latest single, “Spits On Girls,” is bound to hit the mainstream any day now and proves she is just getting started. If you like indie-pop artists like Jenny Lewis or Tegan & Sara, then Amy Shark is one new artist you wont want to pass up!



“Spits On Girls” is Amy’s latest track, and she thinks it’s the best song she has ever written (and I totally agree!). It serves as a great introduction to her sound, as it’s an acoustic guitar-filled song featuring a beat made up of drums and hand claps, as well as some awesomely poetic lyrics that will stick with you after just one listen. The song has a type of “girl power” vibe with lines like “don’t be the guy that spits on girls/ everybody hates that guy” and “why would I even buy a new dress, just to impress?,” showing she tackles various subjects. The video itself is not what you’d expect from a singer-songwriter style track, as it features a group of girls doing choreographed dance moves that actually works out wonderfully.



“Weight of the World” is one of her earlier tracks, and it’s a folky love song that shows off Amy’s diverse styles of songwriting. The track is a little less poppy than “Spits On Girls,” but it’s awesomely quirky as it features lots of horns, fuzzy guitar and bass, and adorable boy-girl vocals that turn the song into a playful duet. Once the chorus hits after the 1:20 mark, you’ll find yourself falling in love with the little “woo-hoo’s” Amy sings throughout the track that puts a unique touch on the sugary sweet love song.

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