It’s no secret that we cover a lot of awesome new artists here at BitCandy, but every once in a while one will really truly grab me. In this case, Norwegian new artist André Øy has totally smitten me with his unique and bubbly electronic sound. His SoundCloud page only has two tracks up at the moment, and both are packed with hazy lo-fi vocals, magical and intricate electronic elements, and melodies that will be stuck in your head after just one listen. For fans of artists like Beck or Tame Impala, or if you simply need some new music that totally stands out, read on to discover one of our favorite new artists, André Øy.



I was instantly hooked within seconds of hearing his track, “Stuff.” The retro-sounding production, the fuzzy and wobbly electronics, and the simply amazing chorus is sure to make anyone a fan. The chorus first hits around 40 seconds in, and you’ll be quickly singing along as he sings the lines, “all you want is stuff/ and when you get the next fix, you see it’s not enough.” The electronics become more and more sparkly and quirky throughout the track’s duration, making for a brilliantly crafted track you’ll come back to again and again.



“I Feel No One” kicks off instantly with an infectiously funky bass line, hazy production, echoey electronics and some wonderfully dreamy vocals that make for a totally blissful track. “I feel no one” he sings as echoey arpeggios create a dizzying chorus that first hits at the 20 second mark, while playful drum beats and funky bass carry you throughout. Things feel a little bit lighter after the 1:20 mark when shaky percussion makes way for a very brief keyboard break. Much like “Stuff,” “I Feel No One” is a fantastically crafted song that is purely infectious.

Since I’m sure you’re like us and can’t wait for André to release more material, be sure to like his Facebook page to keep up with what he’s doing next! And if you need even more new music in the meantime, head on over here.



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