You know this duo has to be awesome when they come from two very different parts of the world— California and South Africa’s ANIMA! (which is the Latin word for the breath of life in each of us) are turning heads with their intricate production and cutting edge electronic sound which makes singer-songwriter Arielle and producer Vicente some of our favorite new artists! The duo has been busy promoting their debut self-titled album (which you can buy on iTunes here, *hint hint*) that’s packed with unexpected turns—like going from indie-electro to reggae- inspired breakdowns in an instant, and edgy pop melodies that make them standout from the electropop-duo crowd. Read on to discover your next favorite duo, ANIMA!



“Crave” starts off on a wonderfully Radiohead-inspired note with bubbling and popping electronics, sparkling keys, and haunting vocals that make for a strong and captivating track. The energy begins to build at the 0:40 mark as the pulsating beat and swelling electronics grow in intensity before breaking free into the groove of the track. Gears shift after the 2:15 mark as the keys begin to bubble up with the dizzying vocals for a totally warped and hypnotic ride to the track’s ending.



“Silver Screen” is a little more on the uplifting side with playful beats and fuzz-heavy bass that makes way for a groovy and memorable track that surprises you at every turn (as you hear more of their stuff, you’ll quickly discover this pair is quite good at doing the unexpected!). You’re first caught off-guard when things take a reggae-influenced turn after the 0:45 mark as winding beats and smokey vocals lead you to a Spanish guitar-filled moment after the 1:25 mark. Layered vocals and carefully crafted electronics keep you guessing throughout its 3:55 duration, leaving you wondering where they’ll take your ears next.

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