London-based singer-songwriter Anna Calvi is busy doing something truly fresh and original in the indie rock world with her raw and powerful vocals and experimental guitar playing. The 34 year old began playing guitar and studying music as a child, and since 2009 has toured with the likes of Morrissey himself and bands like Interpol and the Arctic Monkeys (just to name a few). Her vocals are reminiscent of Souxsie Sioux meets Amanda Palmer, but with an even more dramatic and operatic edge. Her eccentric guitar playing gives her music a seductive and provocative vibe, making her an artist you won't want to pass up.



“Cry” is a wonderfully dramatic track that showcases her emotional vocals as well as her experimental guitar work, making it a perfect introduction to her signature sound. The song slowly builds over time, starting out with her haunting vocals, shaking percussion, jagged guitar chords, and swelling organ notes. At the 1:10 mark everything reaches the breaking point while the drums and guitar become more and more aggressive, keeping you tense and on edge until the very end.



“Sing To Me” is easily my favorite track of hers, with its seductively eerie vibe of haunting backing vocals and subtle bass lines that lay under swelling keys and echoey guitar chords. After the 2 minute mark, orchestral strings kick everything up a notch, creating a totally epic and cinematic feeling that you’ll want to experience again and again.



“Suddenly” eases you in slowly, with chugging guitars and a slowly evolving vocal melody. Just before the one minute mark, things become surprisingly upbeat and bouncy making it one of her easier to sing along to tracks. I totally love the bridge that hits around the 2:20 mark, as the piano, drums, and vocals become more and more urgent, adding to the intensity of the song.

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