Remember indie-pop sister duo Meg & Dia from the mid-2000’s? Well, Dia has since moved on and has been making music in a brand new duo called ARCHIS. Dia has teamed up with renowned producer Joseph Trapanese, and together they’ve been creating epic and cinematic pop songs that are captivating anyone who listens. Dia’s emotionally charged vocals mix perfectly with Joseph’s orchestral production, which makes for some infectious pop songs that are just as catchy as they are beautiful. Read on to discover one of our favorite new duos, ARCHIS.



“Bittersweet” serves as a perfect introduction to their sound as it’s a slow-building track that takes you on a journey through their key elements. It kicks off with sparkling airy keys and softly plucked acoustic guitar strings that glide over tension-building atmospherics. Soon marching band-inspired drums, ghostly oohs, and orchestral strings work their way in and help guide you to the track’s climax. Once you it the 2:30 mark, the drums, horns, and electronics come to a dramatic and emotionally intense peak that is completely captivating. The song ends with cosmic-sounding blasts of synths that add a wonderfully magical touch and will keep you coming back for more.



“Black Eye” is a cute and heartfelt track about being willing to jump to someone’s defense no matter what. The track starts off with triumphant-sounding horns before taking things back a notch as easygoing acoustic guitar, soft bass lines, and Dia’s soft and sweet vocals draw you further in. Lyrics like “if they’re gonna try and make you bleed/ they're gonna have to come through me/ I’ll stand my ground/ I’ll be around,” show that it’s about being completely devoted to someone, which makes this a type of love song you don’t hear too often. They totally throw you a curve ball after the 3:00 mark when a flurry of electronics and frantic-sounding vocals snap you out of it until you’re thrown back in to the orchestral whirlwind that takes you to the end of the track as she leaves you wondering, “do you know how much I love you?”.

Since I’m sure you’ll want to hear more from ARCHIS, check out their SoundCloud page to hear their entire EP (trust us— it’s really REALLY good.) And if you need even more awesome new music in your life like this, don’t forget to click here!

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