Despite their band name, the guys in ARIZONA are all New Jersey natives who have been busy traveling between LA, New Jersey, and even as far as the UK. Nathan, Zachary, and David have been recording in their music studio on wheels (yup— they built a mobile studio in their Toyota), where they’ve crafted a unique and dream-inducing sound that will instantly put you at ease. The trio blends hazy guitar chords, airy electronics, and some seriously impressive vocals that put a new spin on the electronic indie genre. If you’re looking for some blissful new sounds that you can include on your next “cool down” playlist, then read on to discover the awesome new music of ARIZONA.



“I Was Wrong” serves as a great introduction to their easy going vibe, as you’ll quickly lose yourself in the softly plucked guitar chords and light and airy vocals. Sweeping electronics and thumping beats make for a laid back yet warm dance-infused sound that will make you feel like you’re sprawled out under the sun. Sparkling electronics that sound like sunlight dancing on water come in at the 2:40 mark, as distant and distorted vocals take you away to the track’s end. It’s simply a beautifully crafted track that you'll can't wait to get lost in.



“Let Me Touch Your Fire” shows off a slightly darker and more sensual side of the trio, as it’s packed full of haunting atmospherics, lonesome electric guitar chords, and a thumping, head-bobbing beat. An explosion of dizzying and fuzzy synths hits right after the 2:00 mark, as he desperately pleads, “I’m cold, sick and I’m tired/ so baby let me touch your fire.” Lightly bouncing synths, hard-hitting drums, and high pitched “oohs” lead you to the end of the track’s 3:39 duration, and you’ll find yourself pressing replay in no time.

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