When Canadian-based producer Jeff Hartford first started making music under the moniker ATTLAS, people were actually mistaking him for Deadmau5, thinking it was a new secret project. ATTLAS ended up being signed to the Mau5trap label and quickly began stirring up buzz with his cutting edge electronic style. He has a gift for creating music that keeps listeners on the edge of their seat as his tracks tend to go in awesomely unexpected directions. His two EPs, Sin and Scene are packed with memorable instrumentals that will keep you coming back for more, and we can’t wait to introduce you to his sound. Read on to discover one of our favorite new producers!



From his Scene EP comes the sensual and laid back track, “Beside.” The track starts off with vocalist Kristian Attard’s soothing vocals as light and airy atmospherics draw you in. “Can I go on without you?/ Am I making the right move?” Attard croons before things really take off at the 1:11 mark when you’re hit with throbbing synths and sparkling electronics. The track continues to take magical and cinematic turns throughout its duration which keeps you actively listening from beginning to end.



I’m sorry RiRi, I still love you but I am seriously digging Attlas’ remix of “Bitch Better Have My Money”...I think I dig it more than the original! He puts a surprisingly uplifting and airy twist on the edgy track by adding soaring backing synths, strings, and warming atmospherics that give it a totally new sound. The mood intensifies after the 1:35 mark as drums, orchestral strings, and sweeping electronics make for a totally epic and unforgettable experience that proves this new producer knows exactly what he is doing.



“Wastaga” is a thumping, synth-filled instrumental that shows off a darker and more intense side of his sound. Industrial-inspired beats, wobbly bass-synths, and sweeping electronics carry the track, while refreshing and melodic breakdowns serve as the perfect touch.

If you’d like to hear more from Attlas, check out his SoundCloud page. And if that’s not enough for you click here to discover even more BitCandy-filtered new music.


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