Lorde? What have you done with my Lorde? Kidnap her and dye her hair Mermaid? No joke, Au/Ra is like the second coming of Lorde. Right down to the minimal production, vocal stylings and lyrical content. Though it may sound like we’re being facetious, We Are The Guard mean this purely as a compliment. Lorde is an incredibly talented singer and songwriter, one of the most respected artists in music today. To be compared to one of the great pop songwriters of the day is meant as nothing but an absolute honor. 

But honestly, if you can’t see the parallels here I think you’re lying to yourself a little bit maybe?



This song is catchy as hell. Dark young female vocals with high school lyrical content that can appeal to every girl who’s ever been wronged and likes having fun and doesn’t care who knows. I’m sure this one could have as much radio play as any that’s hit over the past five years. Why I’m just hearing it now is as surprising to me as it must be to you. Let’s spread the word together, get this track some love? It’s only a month old.  Nowhere to go but up.



This one has a little bit funkier of a beat behind it, but just as catchy vocal hooks. This is the older of the two songs, clocking in at four months old. This one’s got just as much of a shot at radio play as the other and I’m very excited to have been turned on to this hot new talent before she breaks. Au/Ra has talent oozing out of every second of her music. Can’t wait to see where she brings it next. 

Probably to Coachella… just like Lorde.  :)  Benjamin Groff been killing it on the Guard this week discovering amazing new music for y’all. 


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