London-based new artist Felix Davis totally has me smitten with his self-produced project, BAD ATOMS. His sound is self-described as “bedroom rock tripped up pop stoner folk,” and I instantly knew what that meant once I heard his debut track, “Kilogrammes.” His DIY aesthetic is quite charming as he mixes fuzzed-out guitars, lo-fi electronics, and his intoxicating vocal melodies that make his sound perfect for fans of artists like Ariel Pink or The Magnetic Fields. Be sure to check out his debut album, Tell Your Friends, and read on to discover the sound of BAD ATOMS.



His debut track “Kilogrammes” is a hazy, lo-fi bedroom pop track the features ghostly backing vocals from Jimmy Page’s daughter, Jana. The instrumentation is fairly minimal due to the lonesome fuzzy electric guitar, which is totally perfect for the track’s apathetic mood. The song begins to build into a whirlwind of dizzying guitars and hard to distinguish vocals that finally hits a breaking point for the track’s ending.



“Artificial Sweetener” is the follow up single to “Kilogrammes,” and you’ll quickly find yourself in a daze as the acoustic guitar, subtle electronic elements, and hazy vocals wash over you. I love the part after the 2:15 mark when a slightly creepy organ comes in to mix with hypnotic “ahhs,” making you feel like you’re trapped in a warped and twisted carnival. “You’re an artificial sweetener/ and I love you so/ you’re an artificial sweetener/ and I can’t let you go,” he admits as the track’s intensity feels as if it’s building, but you eventually discover that instead of hitting a climax, the track continues on until eventually fading out just after the 5:00 mark and it's totally awesome.

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