I mean we’ve always known that the best dance music in the world comes from France, so does it really come as any surprise that this nu-disco Parisian duo is going to be the next big thing? Though their great grandfathers Daft Punk basically invented French Disco, these guys’ sound is distinctly American. Reminiscent of the Indie-Dance sensibilities of RAC or the Knocks, incorporating vocals and songwriting just as much as flashy production, Basic Tape shoots up to the top of the pack with only a handful of songs. Huge artists are taking note. Basic Tape have been found opening for Madeon and Odesza and even got their hands on a coveted Alesso remix.



This song is a bubbly summer-disco tune filled with hand claps, funky baselines, and piano hits. This is such a hit in the making. The titular lyric breaks way to funky guitar breaks and this tune is a party in the box.  But I guess we have to ask ourselves if maybe this is a fluke? After all, this is a collaboration with Mozambo and features Julia Church on vocals. It could really be either of them that made it so special, couldn’t it?



Alright I don’t care how good this track is, it’s still possible that Basic Tape aren’t the real deal. I mean this is JUST a remix. You can’t even tell what the Basic Tape dudes brought to the table. Sure, the pitched up vocals are the catchiest bit of music I’ve heard in months and the same snaps, summer funk and piano hits are all present here as well. In fact, they’re booming with quality. The chopped up vocals over the huge piano hits is my favorite part. Okay, this song is awesome. Probably not a fluke. Probably the real deal.



This track is just Basic Tape? Oh shit, they’re DEFINITELY the real deal. Whichever one of them is singing (Sav or Ben) has got a Sam Smith thing going on, with a falsetto that understands change-up as well as hook and should probably be featured on every song that isn’t from Grades or featuring Julia Church. They can sing AND make me dance. This is the dudes at the funkiest and grooviest and it’s all on their own. These dudes are definitely one to watch. But they're from Paris, so like, of course they are.



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