Production duo BenZel is the brainchild of Benny Blanco and Two Inch Punch’s Ben Ash. The two have already been making a name for themselves due to being the guys behind rising stars like Jessie Ware and Cashmere Cat, and are now busy promoting their debut EP, Men. Their innovative style is packed with everything from lo-fi beats, 8-bit inspired electronic elements, and pitch-shifted vocals that create their warm and fresh sound. If you want something that’s a blend of future soul, ‘90s R&B, and hazy electropop, then read on to discover the awesomeness of BenZel.



Featuring vocals from Australian singer Ben Abraham comes their latest single, “Waiting…”. The track starts off with pitch-shifted R&B-style vocals along with a flurry of electronic elements that add blasts of energy throughout its 3 minute duration. I love what happens after the 1:40 mark where things truly take off with ticking and winding beats that battle with the chipmunk-like vocals for the listener’s attention. The track has a surprise piano-ballad ending which serves as a nice touch.



Toronto/Austin-based upcoming rapper Tory Lanez delivers the vocals on the awesomely lo-fi 8-bit sounding track, “Stuck On You.” This track is easily one of my favorites due to its booming distorted bass, Super Mario-style electronic elements, and all of the bleeps and bloops that happen around the 1:10 mark. Lanez’s future-soul vocals switch between an emotional falsetto to hard hitting verses, which compliment the track’s unique production wonderfully. The track manages to keep your full attention all the way through and will have you coming back for repeat listens.



“Wasted Love” is a gorgeous laid back track featuring some lovely vocals from London-based singer Stevie Neale. Neale’s smooth R&B-style vocals lace over the warm electronic elements and hazy drum machine beats perfectly, causing you to get lost in the track’s dreamy and magical sound.

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