You know you’re a nineties kid when your sound is more reminiscent of that heavy mascara-tinted alt rock from 1999 than anything on the market today.  Black Top Queen are some much needed pop-rock heaviness in a world where the music is all either too heavy, too electronic or too pop.  Where’s the hook AND the reverb?  You can have both, you know.  Just look at the dudes in Black Top Queen.

Congrats guys, you found a niche that hasn’t existed in 15 years and filled it quite well!!



Blackout is clearly the hot new rock and roll single.  Like not just from these guys, from the world.  This has got the kind of chorus that I expect to hear on every alternative radio station for the next eight or nine months.  Hell, if this WAS a nineties song I bet we’d still be hearing it.  They’re angry and little bit punk but they’re having a heck of a good time.  Lethal combo, if you ask me.  Plus, in a world with far too few rock bands something this good comes very surprisingly in this day and age.



Blacktop Queen is taking a vocal stylization that I haven’t heard in a dog's age.  Half rapping / half rocking lyrics that helped blow up with artists like Buckcherry and Sugar Ray back in the day, but in a fresh new 2017 coat of paint.  Straight out of the garages of Echo Park, these guys got a level of hip that those dorks never had.  Rockin’ riffs and massive songwriting cred, these dudes are gonna take LA, and then the world by STORM.  Imagine what Muse was like when they were just playing garages in Echo Park.  Now say the name Blacktop Queen three times in your mirror so you don’t forget.

Credit where credit’s due.  Thanks to Beca for bringing this one to our attention.


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