Straight out of Brooklyn, NY comes perhaps the cutest indie/electro-pop quartet ever, Body Language. Consisting of members Matthew Young, Angelica Bess, Grant Wheeler, Ian Chang, and Computer (human or machine? Who knows!), these guys have been making music together since 2009 and it’s about time they danced their way into our lives. With songs full of bouncy electronic beats and pop-hooks that are impossible to get out of your head, it totally makes sense that they describe their sound as “SEX” on their Facebook page. For electro-pop fans that need some positive vibes sent their way, I highly suggest you read on.




“4 Real” is a big, warm hug for your ears. It’s like a cuter, indie-pop version of a Jackson 5 song with it’s awesomely cheesy lyrics and groovy beat, but still includes electronic modern pop elements to keep it fresh. Angelica’s vocals are simply adorable, and you’ll find yourself singing “what we got/ what we got is real” for the rest of the day- so be warned.



“Good Things” will have you doing a little bit more dancing than singing, as it shows off their disco/electro-pop side more than “4 Real.” It slowly builds until around the 0:50 mark, where the track really gets going as she sings, “good things come to those who wait.” This track shows their diversity, proving this band can write awesomely fun, sing-along pop tunes as well as dancey electro that will get you on your feet in no time.



Starting off sounding like a retro, 8-bit video game, “Social Studies” can’t help but make you smile. Once the chorus comes in around the 1-minute mark, the song will totally have won you over with its keyboard melody and “zappy” laser noises. It has a drum machine beat throughout that carries the song, and electronic elements that are infectiously cute. I know it’s weird to describe a song as “cute,” but these guys will have you saying the same thing. This is definitely one of my favorite tracks of theirs.

Since I’m sure you’re probably just as smitten with these guys as I am, “like” their Facebook page and tell ‘em BitCandy sent ya! And if you want more new music in your life, we found the good stuff for you right over here

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