In a time where we tend to stray farther and farther away from guitar-driven rock and towards electropop everything, it’s always a welcomed surprise to stumbled upon a band like Oklahoma’s BRONCHO (yes—it is supposed to be in all caps). Members Ryan Lindsey, Nathan Price, and Ben King have been making music together since 2010, and have just released their sophomore album, Just Enough Hip To Be Woman, that’s packed with lo-fi power pop anthems that will keep you coming back for more. The guys first got some attention from having their song, “It’s On,” featured in the season 3 premier of HBO’s Girls which served as the perfect introduction to the band’s style. If you’re into power pop bands like The Cars or garage rock revivalists like The Strokes, then BRONCHO is definitely worth checking out!



I imagine their latest single, “Class Historian,” is what it would sound like if Phoenix and A-Ha had a child...a very catchy, radio-friendly child— The song is an interesting blend of punchy, 80’s-sounding guitar riffs and modern indie, sing-a-long style vocals. The trio throws you into their infectious chorus of “doot-doot-doot…” right off the bat and it will be ingrained into your head in no time. The video itself is also fittingly 80’s with its lo-fi and fuzzy video footage of the guys and strangely intriguing women.



“What” shows off the band’s knack for writing awesomely catchy, groovy garage rock and I totally love it. Lead singer Ryan Lindsey sassily croons on this track, singing “wha-a-at” over chugging bass and stop-and-go, jangly guitar riffs that will easily fill that power-pop void in your life. It’s definitely one of my favorite track’s of theirs and I can’t get enough of it.

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