Watch out Lorde—I think this girl might take your place in Taylor Swift’s girl squad. Montana-native turned Los Angeles-based new artist Charlee Remitz is bound to be the next big female voice in pop. The young singer-songwriter first stirred up some well-deserved buzz with her first EP, These Veins, and is now busy promoting her anticipated debut full-length album called Bright White Trims. Her music is packed with great lyrics, dark pop melodies, and some seriously fantastic production that you won’t be able to get enough of.



I imagine “Fillin’ In For A Goddess” is what it would sound like if Lorde and Taylor Swift ever did a song together. Everything about this song is totally perfect— the playful vocal melody, the raw electric guitar, the beat and even the subtle backing electronics. The chorus is simply infectious, and with lyrics like “you could wear a bowtie/ I could wear a gold dress/ I could be your side bitch/ you could be my heart’s fix…I ain’t fillin’ in for your mother f***ing goddess,” it’s a blunt and edgy track with a cute edge that you’ll totally become obsessed with.



“Stucco Houses” is about being young and partying in the suburbs, and I was instantly hooked from the second she sings, “we drive to stucco houses in Honda Civics.” Mystical electronic elements and thundering frantic rhythms suck you in as her ethereal vocals take you on an adventure through their drunken shenanigans. If for some crazy reason “Fillin’ In For A Goddess” didn’t already make you a fan, I’m afraid that you’ll be unable to resist the greatness of “Stucco Houses.”



“King’s Cup” is an edgy, gloomy pop track that is perfect for mainstream radio as it features a skittering beat, futuristic synths, and a hard-hitting chorus. I love the vocal melody in the chorus, especially how she sings the line “playing games like the kids playing king’s cup.” Things take a heavier edge after the two minute mark as thundering bass and and guitars are introduced, which helps switch things up a bit. It’s a solid track that totally works as a single.

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