Meet English singer/songwriter Charlotte OC (otherwise known as Charlotte O’Connor). It’s appropriate that this moody new artist comes from a city called Blackburn, as her music is the perfect blend of eerie and catchy, and she sports some fashionably witchy looks (seriously— check out her bangs and outfits! I’m jealous.) Her latest EP, Strange, is creating some well-deserved buzz as it's packed with dramatic piano parts, moody electronic elements, and her signature sultry vocals. If you’re into moody electro-pop and artists such as Lorde but want something new, you’ll definitely want to read on.



“Strange” is the title track off of her latest EP, and I can say from experience that this slow jam’s eerie melody will stick with you long after it’s over. First of all, it's produced by Tim Anderson who has worked with the likes of Sia and Solange so you know it’s going to be good. You’ll definitely want to listen to this track with headphones as the beat and electronic elements subtly change throughout its duration. I love the bridge at the 2:30 mark, as the glitches increase behind her soothing vocals and make for a truly memorable experience.



“Hangover” is a little more stripped down and poppy, featuring a groovy bass line and sparse instruments that allow her strong vocals to steal the show. The electric guitar and soft drums create a relaxed vibe, as her vocals show off her range moreso than on “Strange.” It slowly builds in urgency as synths come in and she repeats the lines, “It's a hangover in the morning/ hangover in the evening/ and I’m never gonna leave him.” Definitely one of my favorite tracks.



This piano-driven track eases you in with snaps and a simple electronic beat, preparing you for the awesomely hard-hitting chorus that comes in at the 0:51 mark. Right when the chorus is over, you’re thrown back into the soothing and soft beat which causes you to brace yourself for what’s coming next. It’s both dramatic and moody, making it the perfect soundtrack for rainy nights or for setting the mood in a teen drama like The Vampire Diaries (which totally isn’t a bad thing).


Since we here at BitCandy never steer you wrong (I mean really, have we? I didn’t think so), I’m sure you loved what you heard so go show Charlotte your support by “liking” her Facebook page. And for even more awesome new music, click here!

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