The kids today have it so easy. They’ll never know the struggle of trying to keep track of your Super Nintendo cheat codes and passwords so you can race through the levels of whatever 16-bit game you were into at the time. But it’s clear that Los Angeles-based DJs Matthew Russell, Trevor Dahl, and Kevin Ford are keeping the memories alive with their tropical house-pop project, Cheat Codes (by the way, how has no one used that name yet?!). The trio creates infectious tracks that are packed with plenty of hooks and flawless production that’s perfect for both mainstream radio and the club. If you’re into pop-infused electronic artists like Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, or Smallpools, then we highly recommend you read on to discover the energetic sounds of Cheat Codes.



If you’re feeling down, I highly suggest you turn to their charmingly upbeat track, “Adventure.” Featuring everything from playful percussion, plenty of shimmering synths, and a wonderfully uplifting vocal melody, it’s impossible not to fall in love with this track. And with vocalist Even Gartner singing lines like “all I want is an adventure/ give me something I won't forget,” you’ll find yourself singing along and bopping to the tropical-infused beat in no time.



The trio teams up with fellow Los Angeles-based singer Lostboycrow (who we were gushing over earlier this year) on their infectious club-ready track, “Senses.” “I don’t know if you could tell/ but my senses are overwhelmed” Lostboycrow croons before thundering drums and shiny bright synthesizers take you on a uplifting electronic journey. I love everything about this track, from the verses to the epic breakdown beginning around the 2:40 mark, and even the unexpected piano-laced ending.



“Visions” was the trio’s debut single and it’s a bouncy electronic pop tune that Calvin Harris probably wishes he wrote (Sorry Calvin—but this track is giving me serious “I Need Your Love” and “We Found Love” vibes…which is awesome). The joyous track is packed with a super bouncy beat, piano, tropical synths, and a chorus that I’m completely obsessed with. You’ll find yourself singing the lines “I’m getting visions of you/ alone in my bed/ I can smell your perfume/ get out of my head/ these visions of you,” as you have your own private dance party.

Thanks to Curator, Blaike Ford, for sharing this fantastic new find with us!

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