Thankfully new electropop trio Chinah spells their name with an “h,” or else they would be impossible to google. The Copenhagen-based group consists of members Fine, Simon, and Simon (yup, two Simons!) and they are quickly gaining everyone’s attention with their debut single, “Away From Me.” According to their Facebook description, the band’s mission is to “create music that still pushes the boundaries of pop music,” and I think they are doing just that. Read on to discover your favorite new electropop group, Chinah.



“Away From Me” is bedroom pop at its finest. Fine’s delicate soothing vocals are simply intoxicating as she coos, “you can’t walk away from me,” while the sparse drum beat serves as the perfect platform for the track’s warming synths. The track manages to switch things up enough throughout its duration while still sounding beautifully put together. Just before the two minute mark, echoey guitar chords lead you in to an amazing whirlwind of fuzzy electronics and frantic percussion that manages to be seamless and not too jarring. And then before you know it, a wonderfully playful and fuzzy synth-line is briefly introduced as she sings “some difference it makes when we escape the time/ don’t try to renew/ don’t try to read the signs.” Things calm down again for the ending and the track leaves you wanting more.

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’re now totally obsessed with this new song and you can’t wait to hear what Chinah releases next! So head on over to their Facebook page and show them some love and support. And while you wait for them to release new material, keep checking back and click here for more BitCandy-approved new music.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank Curator Golden Wolf for sharing this great new band with us!


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