Brisbane, Australia native Callan Alexander aka CLN is quickly gaining praise with his swirling electronic soundscapes and intoxicating vocals. The new producer is only 20 years old, but he already has two acclaimed EPs under his belt— Found and Sideways. Luckily, he's back at it again with a brand new track, "Owls," from his forthcoming EP and we cannot wait to share it with you today. If you’re in need of some epic electronic whirlwinds that will give you the energy boost you’ve been craving, then read on to discover one of our favorite new artists, CLN.



“Owls” serves as the perfect introduction to CLN’s brooding meets retro-gaming inspired style. The listener is quickly thrown into the track with twinkling arpeggios, ominous atmospherics, and his own brooding vocals. The track eventually builds into a flurry of electronics at the 1:25 mark that has an almost orchestral vibe, in between the synthed-out production and playful bleeps and bloops. It’s the perfect balance between futuristic and retro, showing he knows what it takes to keep you completely captivated throughout its entire 4 minute duration.



“Left Behind” is another one of our favorites here at BitCandy, and much like “Owls” this future bass track starts off on a seriously magical note and sinks its hooks in instantly. A sensual echoing beat, artfully-sampled strings and his brooding distorted vocals set the eerie tone before it all builds into a bass-heavy, synth-packed whirlwind of sounds. Things get serious after the 2:00 mark when wobbling synths, brooding bass, and dark atmospherics make for a truly impressive breakdown that takes you into a ticking and winding beat. It’s a powerful, chill-inducing track that you’ll keep coming back to.

Since I’m sure you loved what you heard, be sure to show CLN your love and support by liking his Facebook page and checking out more of his material! And if you need even more awesome new music in your life after this, then head on over here.



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