Besides easy to assemble furniture, Sweden seems to have a never ending supply of awesome bands and Stockholm natives CMBSTN (short for Combustion…because who needs vowels anyway?) are totally one of them. Their infectiously dancey, synth-pop sound is a refreshing break from today’s trendy dark and bass-heavy electropop fad. If you're anything like me and miss dancing around your house to bands like fellow Swedes, The Sounds, or Shiny Toy Guns, I highly suggest you keep on reading.



WARNING: This super cheery synth-pop track will be stuck in your head within the first 30 seconds and the smile on your face won’t leave. They don’t mess around on this track - the big chorus comes in at the 0:15 second mark, and I can already hear it being played in commercials for soda and smartphones. During its breakdown around the 2 minute mark, their use of handclaps and gang vocals create the perfect recipe for a indie-pop hit.



“My Friend” features space age synths and some flawless falsetto vocals. This song is certainly one to listen to when you’re down in the dumps because besides its super dancey vibe, the lyrics are simple yet totally uplifting. As singer/guitarist Max sings, “come on girl don’t let them beat you down/ I too was lost but now I’m found,” you can’t help but feel like everything will be okay and I love it. Around the 2:20 mark there’s a break down, and the song slowly builds back up into a whirlwind of spooky-sounding synths and strong vocals that will make you fall in love instantly.

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