Los Angeles natives and childhood pals, Brenden Thompson and Arash Parsee are creating some seriously catchy tunes with their project, Corsica Arts Club. Naming the likes of David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and New Order as some of their influences, the duo (along with new members Nate Chovanec, Peter McArthur, and Jason Mittleman) have been creating a blend of post-punk and indie-pop, with a hint of garage rock, that is sure to make you a fan. If you were into the early 2000’s garage rock revival, have a soft spot for indie-pop like MGMT, and dig the lo-fi sounds of surf-pop bands like Wavves, then Corsica Arts Club is one band you’ll definitely want to check out!



“California I Follow” is reminiscent of the early 2000’s garage rock scene but with a modern indie, lo-fi twist (in other words, I imagine it’s what The Strokes would have sounded like if they hung around Southern California surf-punks instead of hip NYC clubs.) Featuring mellow, tastefully crunchy guitars and an urgent, drum machine beat, it’s a wonderfully warm and catchy track that fits perfectly with their hazy vocals. I seriously cannot get enough of this track!



“Untamed” is a little less surf-pop and a little more synth-pop, as it’s packed with static-y undertones and fuzzy synths and bass that show off their dancey, post-punk influences. During the verses, the synths are almost reminiscent of MGMT’s hit, “Kids,” but darker and a bit bouncier. Once the chorus hits around the 1-minute mark, the synths become both soaring and sparkling, creating a dark and dancey vibe throughout the rest of the track’s duration that has a classic New Order-flare.

If you’re anything like me and instantly fell in love with their music, then head on over to their Facebook page and show them your support! And last but not least, I’d like to thank Curator, Higgins, for sharing this awesome new find with us!

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