Australia seems to be cranking out all of the buzz worthy electronic artists these days, and that’s totally the case with Perth-trio Crooked Colours. Founded in 2013, members Philip Slabber, Leon De Baughn, and Liam Merrett-Park have been making dark electronic music that’s made to listen to at full volume. Their music is the perfect blend of dark and sexy, as it’s packed with throbbing bass, synths, and hard-hitting beats. For listeners who like their electropop on the dark, brooding, and bass-heavy side, then Crooked Colours is one band you’ll definitely want to check out.



When I heard their latest single, “Capricious,” I couldn’t help but think that this is what would be playing in the weird European sex clubs Tove Lo was talking about in her song, “Habits (Stay High).” Featuring a throbbing and thumping bass, and quick blasts of synths, this track needs to be played at a loud volume to get the full effect. Lead singer Phillip Slabber’s vocals are both sensual and unnerving, making him a perfect match for the wobbling synths and heavy bass. It’s simply a dark and sexy track that will keep you coming back.



“Come Down” is the perfect track to listen to as you recover from the intensity of “Capricious.” It’s a more stripped down and mellow side to the band, as it features a hi-hat-filled beat and subtle bass that creates a melancholy yet soothing vibe. Synth arpeggios come in out of nowhere around the 2:14 mark and continue throughout the track’s duration, which keeps things interesting and futuristic.



Beginning with electric guitar notes and vocals that are little less brooding than usual, “In Your Bones” shows a different side of their sound. Booming bass backs the beat made up of a unique blend of snaps and bongos, allowing Slabber’s soft and soothing vocals to flow over everything effortlessly. Things slowly evolve and build over the length of the track with the addition of synths and various electronic elements. The track ends on a simplistic but solid note, with nothing but claps, vocals, and a few synth notes for good measure.

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