UK-based duo James Young and Aiden Whalley have been creating all kinds of buzz with their experimental electronic project, Darkstar. We know these guys aren’t exactly “new artists,” as they’ve been busy promoting their third album called Foam Island, but we love it so much that we had to share their infectious sound with you. Their music is packed with amazingly crafted and (usually) uplifting electronics that mix with their easy-going R&B vocals beautifully, which makes them perfect for fans of chilled-out electronica as well as future-R&B. Read on to discover one of our favorite new bands, Darkstar.



We here at BitCandy are really into this track! So much so that we recently deemed “Stoke the Fire” one of this year’s Best New Tracks. It has an almost playful vibe as it’s packed with busy percussion, infectious bass synths, and soothing vocals that make for quite a pleasant listening experience. This multi-layered track is totally one of their more “radio friendly” tracks, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of their best.



“Pin Secure” definitely has a more hip hop vibe than “Stoke the Fire” due to the track’s fast paced ticking beats, but its 8-bit inspired electronics give the track an unexpected retro-gaming vibe that I totally love. The bleeps and bloops keep the track interesting and fun, while the hazy vocals add the perfect amount of edge. I instantly fell for the track after the 1:0 mark when dizzying electronics are introduced that make way for the PacMan-like effects. “Pin Secure” manages to feel both laid back and completely frantic at the same time which makes it easily my favorite track of theirs.

Since I’m sure you want to check out more of Darkstar’s stuff, head on over to their SoundCloud page and show them some love! And if you need even more BitCandy-approved new music in your life, click here.



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