Brighton-based new artist David Harks is quickly creating a name for himself with his shimmering space-age sound. The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist just released his 5-track EP, Lomo, and it's a solid release full of positive feel-good lyrics, blissful electronic elements, and sweeping soundscapes that create a truly fresh take on the synth pop genre. If you’re into artists like M83, Explosions In The Sky, or really anything that involves epic synth-filled magic, then I highly suggest you read on to discover the music of David Harks.



Off of his Lomo EP comes his simply spellbinding single, “Odyssey.” The track is carried by a slow-grooving beat that includes plenty of hi-hat, funky synths, bass, and his perfectly smooth and flourishing vocals. Once the shimmering chorus hits just before 1 minute in, it’s impossible not to love the moon beam-sounding blasts of synths and soaring vocals that make you feel as if you’re journeying into outer space (I’m not trying to be cheesy, really). Plus the track’s uplifting lyrics and backing “ooohs” make it perfect for radio.



“We” is a slow-burning track that builds in intensity with a softly pounding beat, soaring atmospherics, and plenty of synths. The track sounds like literal sparkles at the 1:27 mark, as it transitions you back into the swelling versus. I love how everything slowly intensifies after the 3 minute mark as synths become more and more prominent along with choral backing vocals, horns, and shimmering electronic elements that make for a truly magical track.



Things get a little more bouncy on “Open Arms,” as it begins with claps and an urgent beat that grows with intensity until finally kicking off about 30 seconds in. The club-friendly track shows off his diverse sound as it features tropical sounding elements that really make it stand out, as well as various vocal samples and and some awesomely light and airy vocals.

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