Adam Alexander aka DEMO TAPED is a young Atlanta-based singer/producer who grabbed our attention with his hazy synths, unique percussion, and uplifting R&B-inspired melodies. While he lists artists like Flying Lotus and Toro y Moi as influences, you’ll quickly find yourself hooked on his dizzying feel-good tropical sound that will make you feel like you’re on the chillest vacation of your life. Read on to discover one of our favorite stand-out new artists, DEMO TAPED.



You can’t help but feel good right from the beginning of his track “Game On.” It starts out with a breezy tropical vibe thanks to the track’s playful percussion and lightly bouncing synths. “Just bounce for me,” he politely demands as warped-sounding synths, claps, and retro video game-inspired bloops make way for the track’s easy going melody. Things switch up at the 1:55 mark as uplifting synths and wobbly electronics keep you afloat as he croons to the finish line.



“Not Enough” starts out on a fuzzy but heavenly note with softly sung “ahhh’s,” before things quickly take off with pulsating synths and dizzying electronic elements that take you into the heart of the track. Once the bass hits just before the 1:00 mark, you’ll find yourself swaying to his laid back melody and bubbly production. His vocals are front and center on the track and it totally adds to its laid back and mesmerizing vibe.



“Cozy” is one of his older releases, and it’s a slow-grooving R&B-style track that shows off a slightly different side of him. His falsetto vocal style compliments the fuzzy bass beautifully, and once the playful synth line hits at the 1:05 mark you’ll be totally hooked. My favorite part has to be the bleep and bloop-filled break down that shortly follows, which gives the track an unexpected “Space Invaders” style.

Check out more of his originals and awesome remixes on SoundCloud, and like him on Facebook to see when he’s on tour in your area!

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