What is it about duos making ridiculously awesome electronic pop music? Well, we don’t know, but if the formula works— don’t fix it. Brand new UK-based duo DIICE have certainly made a splash with their debut single, “Multigold.” This is their only release so far, and we still have no idea who these people are, but that doesn’t matter because we cannot wait to share this awesome new track with you today! If you’re into mystical yet moody electronics, intricate beats and striking female vocals, than you’re sure to love DIICE’s hazy sound.



The sensual R&B-inspired electropop track serves as one hell of a debut and it’s quickly stirring up some much deserved hype. It starts off with mystical atmospherics, light and airy tribal beats and some sultry cool vocals making it perfect for late night warm weather drives. Things really get going around the 1:20 mark with pulsating synths, funky bass lines, and an intoxicating vocal melody that makes for a solid chorus. Soon, soothing jazz-inspired keys and a smooth grooving beat are introduced before taking you back into the chorus. I love what happens after the 3:15 mark when a chill-inducing breakdown comes out of nowhere and hits you with a calming beat, delicate keys, and the singer’s sensual croon. The track is perfectly crafted and arranged, keeping your full attention throughout its duration. You’ll find yourself coming back for repeat listens again and again to tide you over until their second release.

We can’t wait to hear what DIICE follows up with, but if it’s anything like “Multigold” it will for sure be worth the wait. Until then, be sure to check out more awesome BitCandy-inspired new music over here!


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