Londoners Toby Leeming, Tim Digby-Bell, Seb Dilleyston, Ross Stone, and Toby Lee are the five guys that make up the electronic-indie rock project, Duologue. (I’ll be honest— when I first saw the name “Duologue,” I pictured a Swedish electro-pop, boy-girl duo…yeah. I was clearly wrong.) These guys have been making beautifully produced, melancholy electronic music for a few years now but are finally gaining some well-deserved buzz with their second full-length album, Never Get Lost (check out our glowing review here!). Their second album is full of well-thought-out electronic details and strong beats that work well under frontman Tim Digby-Bell’s strong yet high-pitched vocals. For fans of bands like Radiohead (or Thom Yorke in general), Depeche Mode, or even Muse, this might just be the new band for you!



Featuring a fantastic blend of intricate electronic elements as well as electric guitar, “Forests” shows the band’s diverse sound and serves as the perfect song to introduce you to this band. The vocals are strong and captivating, and the song continues to build while staying structured. I love what happens around the 2:40 mark as the song begins to take on an almost orchestral tone before taking things back again to the beginning. It’s definitely one of my favorites of theirs.



“Memex” shows off their more subtle side, as it features lingering piano notes, a slow and echoey beat, and vocals so soft that at times you have trouble making out the words. It changes throughout, getting more distorted and heavy at times (for example, around the 3:30 mark,) but manages to hold on to it’s gorgeously relaxed mood. Because of all this, it works great as an opener on their latest album because it slowly eases you into their sound and sets the mood.



“Drag & Drop” is a brooding, bass-heavy track packed with echoey and distorted beats as well as wobbly electronic elements that evolve over time. Digby-Bell’s vocals flow effortlessly over the moody elements, making this a wonderfully dark electro-pop track that shows off another side of the band.


Since I’m sure you liked what you’ve heard, show these guys your support by “liking” their Facebook page and download their latest album, Never Get Lost, on iTunes now!

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