Once you hear what Los Angeles-based new artist ELOHIM has to offer, you won’t be surprised to discover that we here at BitCandy are totally in love with her hazy indie pop sound. The singer-songwriter has been sure to keep her identity a mystery by never showing her face or revealing her name, and it’s totally making her even more enduring. She first grabbed our attention with her catchy debut single “She Talks Too Much,” and has quickly gone on to release even more captivating tracks that we’re totally obsessed with. If you’ve ever wondered what it would sound like if an artist like Grimes joined a band like Chvrches, I have a feeling it would probably sound like this.



“Xanax” starts off with a lovely airy mess of swirling electronics that bring you in to her soothing and hazy vocal melody. Once the chorus hits about 1 minute in, you’ll quickly loose yourself in the hypnotic trance of her angelic layered vocals as sings, “every day of my/ day of my/ day of my life,” over a skittering downtempo beat and calming bass, before a brief instance of lo-fi synths take you back into the verse. There’s a bunch of stand out lyrics in the song, like the verse after the first chorus at the 1:33 mark: “I don’t want to be dependent on synthetic medicine/ that keeps me calm enough to sleep/ but kills me softly when I’m weak.” It’s a seriously amazing track that you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again.



“She Talks Too Much” was her infectious debut single, and her playful vocal melody and bouncing synths will hook you instantly. It definitely shows off a more bubbly side to the young songstress, especially when the chorus first hits just before the 1:00 mark. Her sweet and sugary vocal melody will be stuck in your head for hours as you find yourself singing along to the words “it’s like she’s taking over/ she talks too much.” I love what happens after the 2:40 mark as pulsating bass-synths help build some intensity as she declares “i’m on a good one now.” Things briefly calm down before the thumping beat comes back in to take you to the end of the track.



“Bridge And The Wall” is easily one of my favorites, as it starts off with booming bass and a tropical beat that prepares you for the whirled that hits next— Playful electronics and a busy uplifting beat make fore a super fun chorus that you can’t help but love.

Since I’m sure you’re now totally captivated by Elohim’s effortlessly cool sound, be sure to show her your support by liking her Facebook page and say "hi!". And lastly, if you need some more cool new music in your life, don’t forget to click here.


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