Brazilian new artist EMMANUELLE is the latest addition to the DEEWEE label which was founded by Soulwax, and her debut single “Free HiFi Internet” totally has us hooked. Bouncing synths and drum machine beats serve as the perfect platform for her talk-singing vocal style, and her memorable lyrics will most likely end up as your next Facebook status. If you’re in need of some quirky and infectious synth-driven pop ( you could ever really get enough,) then I highly suggest you read on to discover our latest electropop favorite, EMMANUELLE.



“Free HiFi Internet” totally calls us out on our constant need to be connected to the online world, even if it hurts our IRL human interactions. She quickly grabs your attention with the brutally honest introduction-- “Hi, nice to meet you/ I already forgot your name/ you should be lucky I came/ sorry I’m late/ I just, didn’t want to come,” she admits as a pulsating drum machine beat and bouncing synth lines set the mood. Her talk-sing vocal style is strangely endearing and you’ll find yourself getting lost in her delivery as she sings lines like, “no satisfaction/ this human interaction.” Things get fantastically ‘80s-influenced after she states “I’d rather be in my room getting high on some wifi” at the 1:20 mark as shimmering synths and claps will instantly have you swaying in your chair. There are a ton of perfect little memorable moments and lines throughout this track that will keep you coming back for repeat listens. The video itself is definitely worth watching as it features sculpted and ridiculously pretty young men working on their fitness (my favorite part has to be the bouncing pecks towards the very end.)

“Free HiFi Internet” is simply a ridiculously fun and infectious debut single that already has us hungry for more!

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