Ontario native ERIC BRANDON is a 23-year old singer-song writer who's hitting everyone right in the feels with his heartfelt acoustic guitar-driven ballads that give his indie-folk sound a super soulful edge. According to his Facebook page, his third and most recent release, Old Love, is the result of the tension he’s felt in the past two years of his life, and he brings it out in both his intimate lyrics and raw vocal style. Plus, the album features his grandparents on the cover (come on, everyone together now…Awwww!). For fans of artists like Bon Iver or Ryan Adams, you will definitely want to read on to discover one of your favorite new singer-songwriters, ERIC BRANDON.



“Sleep” is a light and airy slow jam that allows his emotionally charged vocals to take center stage. Once the chorus first hits after the 1:10 mark as he croons, “oh, considering you is shaking my every bone,” the mood sets in as you find yourself drifting away. The intensity builds during the track’s final minute, as his strumming and vocals become more and more urgent until breaking at the very end.



Despite its overall uplifting guitar melody, “Trouble” starts off on a rather depressing (but relatable) note lyrically— “I’ve become everything I shouldn’t be…I’ve been trying so hard to be my own man/ I’ve been forgotten about those I love/ those who make me who I am.” The chorus first hits at the 1:10 mark, and it totally grabs you as he begs, “so go away/ all these troubles.” The mood hits its peak after 3 minutes in, as his vocals soar in emotion and intensity. It’s a heartfelt and relatable song that is simply beautiful, while managing to keep your ears captivated throughout its impressive 5 minute duration.

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