Swedish singer-songwriter Erik Jonasson may still be very new to the music world, but with his smartly crafted acoustic guitar-driven ballads and captivating vocals, his music packs an emotional punch that is hard to ignore. If singer-songwriters like James Blunt or John Mayer are your guilty pleasure but you wish you could find someone who is less generic and more special, then this is certainly the new artist that you’ve been waiting for.



“Like A Funeral” opens with soothing acoustic guitar, softly thumping percussion, and his heartfelt croon that is totally chill-inducing. Soft piano notes slowly make their way into the song before everything takes off after the 1:35 mark with soft and soaring orchestral strings, captivating vocals, and an overall uplifting and epic vibe that’s better than anything Coldplay has done in years.



Beginning with urgent acoustic guitar and deep, echoey vocals, “Horizon” instantly sets a moody tone that captures you right away. Soon piano notes come in as he sings the lines, “why do you wanna go?”, which leads you in to the beautiful and touching chorus that first hits at the 1:35 mark. Packed with sparkling piano notes, he stabs you right in the heart as he shows off his vocal chops while he delivers heartbreaking lyrics like “I tried to be your everything/ Don’t be a ghost.” As the song inches towards its ending, you’re unexpectedly hit with a saxophone solo that carries through to the song’s ending. Overall, it’s a touching and beautifully constructed song that proves he knows what he’s doing.

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