Self-described electro-organic dream pop band FOR ESME (yes, that’s a nod to J.D. Salinger) first grabbed our attention at SXSW 2016, and ever since we’ve been totally obsessed with their debut album, Sugar. Toronto-based band members Martha, Nathan, and Dave are creating some serious magic with their dynamic soundscapes and stand-out lyrics that make them a must-listen for fans of bands like Metric, Chvrches, or ground-breaking artists like Robyn. Read on to discover one of our favorite new bands, FOR ESME.


Their debut single, “Just Yet,” it will make an impressive impact on anyone who listens. The first thing that stuck out to me was the noteworthy lyrics and raw vocals that caused me to instantly come back for another take. Lyrics like “I’m not pretty/ a damsel in distress/ don’t let me romanticize the mess/ pity’s not a party” will stick with you long after you listen. The track is carried by pulsating synths, big echoey drum machine beats, and celestial electronics that make for a totally magical and memorable track.



“You” is another solid electro pop song that takes you by the hand and pulls you in as a robotic-like voice hypnotically repeats the word “you” over and over again. Soon thumping bass-synths, 808 drums, and Martha’s perfectly fitting vocals come in and carry the track throughout its over 5 minute duration. After the first chorus, an unexpected electric guitar comes in at 1:44 mark that adds a Blondie-like feel to their sound. The track manages to keep you captivated throughout its lengthy duration as it continues to build with shifts in emotion and instrumentals, that prove just how awesome this band is.

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