20 year old Hannah Karydas, aka Eves The Behavior (formerly just Eves), is easily on her way to becoming the next big alternative pop sensation. The Australian singer-songwriter (although she classifies herself as a “world citizen” on her Facebook profile) has already toured with the likes of Courtney Barnett and Sky Ferreira, where she’s gaining new fans everywhere with her sweet yet immersive vocals and dynamic synth pop sound. If you’re a fan of moody-pop like Tove Lo or Lorde, then you’ll totally love this awesome new artist.



“TV” was the first song I heard from Eves, and after just one listen I was completely hooked. The song begins with her hauntingly deep vocals over some menacing atmospherics, before slowly evolving into a huge whirlwind of electronic instrumentation. Once the super catchy chorus hits at the one minute mark, you’re captivated by the track’s huge sound and dramatic vibe. This song is simply amazing and is destined to blow up.



“Zen” is the song that got her a record deal, and once you hear the dreamy track you’ll easily understand why it did the trick. Featuring hazy guitars and whimsical vocals, it’s a lot less dramatic than “TV” but equally amazing. I absolutely love the drums, as the beat morphs throughout the track’s duration and keeps things interesting. The story-telling lyrics are also worth mentioning, as the song features lines like “later at some cafe/ you sit opposite/ but you don’t look at me when you speak,” which keep you actively listening. It’s a wonderfully blissful 3 minutes that you’ll keep coming back to.

Since I’m sure you loved what you heard, follow Eves’ Facebook page and tell her BitCandy says “hi!”. Shout out to curator Duffster for introducing us to this amazing new artist. We can’t wait to hear what she releases next!

If you need even more awesome new music in your life, head on over here.


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