London-based producer-vocalist Favela is creating all kinds of buzz with his latest EP, Future Visions, as it’s packed with whimsical electronic elements and soothing vocals that are perfect for lazy summer days. The 22 year old has a knack for creating calming soundscapes, dizzying beats, and noteworthy lyrics that make for something that's totally fresh and worth checking out.



“Future Visions” is the title track off his latest EP, and it’s the perfect soundtrack for warm and relaxed summer nights. You can’t help but feel a sense of calm wash over you as the skittering beat carries the light and airy electronics throughout the track’s duration, while his easy going vocals suck you in with lines like, “when I think of future/ all I want to see is you.” It’s a hazy and laid back track that you’ll be including on all of your “chill out” playlists.



“Gong” grabbed me instantly with its dizzying strings and soft yet urgent thumping beat that makes for a soothing and emotional track. Soaring atmospherics take off in the background once the chorus first hits after the 1:20 mark, while light guitar and vocals rise to center stage. Light keys transition you back into the verse, and before you know it you’ve fallen under the spell of his haunting vocals.



“Blinker” starts off on a uplifting and bright note with sparkling electronic samples and his angelic vocal delivery. Soon subtle keys and a very faint drum machine beat come in, as if to hint that something big is about to happen. Pounding drums, snaps, and even violins are eventually added on to keep you guessing as the track continues to slowly build throughout its 4-minute duration.

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