Manchester/London-based new artist Natalie Findlay (but call her Findlay) is just what the indie rock world needs right now. Her electric guitar-driven sound is packed with energy and attitude, while her awesomely raw vocals ooze coolness that will instantly captivate you and turn you into a fan. If you’re a fan of garage rock artists that inject their personality into their music (like The Hives or Jack White) but want something with an awesome female-fronted twist, then Findlay is one artist you do not want to pass up.



“Off and On” is the title track off of her upcoming EP, and it’s a sexy, psychedelic track that serves as a great example of her signature sound. I absolutely love how the track slowly builds up with hazy guitar and vocals that keep the listener on edge, until finally breaking loose at the 1-minute mark where you’re met with a flurry of chugging guitars and power. It’s a raw and fun garage-rock track that has an energy reminiscent of early White Stripes songs, and I’m sure it’s a blast to see performed live.



Findlay’s single “Electric Bones” is a groovy track full of sassy vocals and pulsating drums that make for an awesome synth-rock track. The music video was filmed in Paris, where the neon lights compliment the track’s vibe perfectly.



“Fever” is a punchy guitar-driven track full of personality and style, and it’s easily one of my favorites. Pounding drums, loud guitars, tambourines, and her awesomely scratchy vocals keep the energy up throughout the track’s duration, and coming it at just under 3 minutes in long, it’s the perfect blast of energy to get you going.

I’d like to thank curator Duffster for sharing this awesome new find with us! If you want more from Findlay, “like” her Facebook page and show her your support. And lastly, head over here to discover more BitCandy-approved new music.


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