If the description, “chill wave music for ice skating” sounds as awesome and appealing to you as it did to me, then read on to discover some seriously dreamy and futuristic tunes from your new favorite indie electronic duo, Fine Animal. Members KC Wilder, Lucy Oaks, and Kelan Gilbert formed their band out of Columbus, OH in 2013, and are already creating some well-deserved buzz with their moody atmospheric sound and breathy male/female vocals. If you’re into artists like Phantogram or Sigur Ros but want something a bit more edgy and dynamic, then Fine Animal is one band you wont want to pass up.



“Perpetually Waking Up” is a wonderfully reverb-heavy track that’s definitely one of my favorites, and also serves as a great example of the trio’s unique sound. Featuring heavy synths, echoey beats, and futuristic electronic elements that blend together under whispery soft vocals, it’s a totally intoxicating track that you’ll want to keep coming back to.



“Boarding Area” begins with swelling atmospherics that come to a sudden halt when you hear a voice declare the words, “fuck the facts!” After that, the track takes a totally trippy turn with a blast of space-age-sparkling electronic elements that pull you into the overall mystical vibe of the song. Things get extra dreamy after the 1:50 mark when things slow down and Lucy Oaks’ sultry and haunting vocals completely enchant you.



“Old Dollar” is a haunting and dramatic slow-burner of a track that has a static-filled beginning, sounding like you’re trying to “tune in” to the track. Things quickly take off when you're met with slow-swelling synths, a steady electronic beat, echoey vocals, piano notes, and an overall underwater vibe that makes for a simply gorgeous and intriguing track that shows off their knack for production.

If you liked what you heard and want more from Fine Animal, then be sure to “like” their Facebook page and show them some love! And if you need even more awesome new music in your life, then head on over here for some BitCandy-approved goodness.


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