Move over, MO.
Make way, Charli XCX.
Fuck off Ellie Goulding.

No worries superfans, I’ve got your new electro pop princess obsession.

Which is why we’re officially naming FJØRA We Are: The Guard’s “Best New Artist.” Though our new favorite singer is not from the Balkans like her name suggests, but rather a Toronto native currently based in New York and Nashville (depending on what corner of the internet you want to believe), singer/composer Alexandra Petkovski wears her European Dance-Pop influences on her silky smooth sleeves. I don’t actually know that her sleeves are silky smooth but her voice is and I was just trying to make a connection. Whatever. You like her too. We both understand that I’m just excited. Cool?

FJØRA’s Watercolor EP dropped officially on Unsecret / Tone Tree Music at the end of September with six songs of powerful pop perfection. Stream the EP in its entirety on Spotify, but check out hits here with us now.



"Wild Animals" with its tropical drums and Caribbean vibes makes me feel like feel we’re on a jungle safari together and FJØRA is pointing out all of our favorite animals! 

“Look, a Zebra!” “Rare Birds!” “YouTube Commenters!”

In the hands of a superstar this would have already crossed oceans and been more played out than "Lean On" on steroids. Good thing we got to it first, so you have time to play it out on your own in your headphones before the whole world takes care of it for you.



soundcloud On Zodiac we get a little future and go a bit darker with help from Nashville Producer Josh Hawkins. That high pitched synth and sensual whispery vocals feels one trap remix from making FJØRA a household name. Put this girl on the next Flume track people. Clap Hands Emoji.

Author's Note: Please don't fuck off Ellie Goulding, we love you, we're just kidding.

This week's best new artist posts have been brought to you by the Letter ‘W’, the Number ‘1-800’ and the We Are: The Guard Curator ‘Musicalheartbeat.’ YAYYYY!!!

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