Once you hear the eerie indie pop sound of FOREIGN AIR, you’ll quickly understand why music blogs have been won over by their infectious debut singles, “Free Animal” and “In the Shadows.” Band mates Jacob Michael and Jesse Clasen have been making music together only since 2015, but they are already creating buzz with their perfect blend of moody electronics and guitar-filled indie pop that will keep you coming back for more.



Their debut single, “Free Animal,” draws you in with its chugging guitar and pounding drums before singer Jesse Clasen’s croon comes in to take center stage as he sings, “I’m a free animal/ you’re the only one who can calm me down.” Eerie falsetto backing vocals add to the song’s vibe, as pounding drums come in to help the song build. It’s a solid track throughout its 3 minute duration, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually popped up in a trailer or two sometime soon!



“In the Shadows” starts off on a wonderfully gloomy note with haunting atmospherics and menacing keys before everything comes together after the 0:40 mark and grows into what would be their strongest track yet. Echoing hazy guitar riffs, tribal-inspired drum beats, and blasts of synths create a more energy-infused feel than their previous single which allows us to hear a different side of the duo’s sound. I love what happens at the 2:20 mark when psychedelic guitar riffs and echoing vocals keep you in a dazed out trance as Clasen’s whispery vocals guide you to the ending. “In the Shadows” is a great follow up single and has everyone eager to hear what they’ll release next.

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