27 year old vocalist Freja embodies the perfect sense of energy and uniqueness that the pop music world needs right now. The Copenhagen-based singer describes her sound as a blend of power pop and new wave, and lists artists like Prince and Fleetwood Mac as her influences. She just released her new EP, White Magic Spells, through her very own label called White Magic Records, and it’s packed full of electrifying synth pop with a touch of ‘80s-inspired harmonies that makes her perfect for fans of artists like Chvrches or Tove Lo. Read on to discover the truly infectious sounds of Freja.



“Lonely” was the first song of her’s that I heard, and after it was finished I knew she was totally going to be one of my favorite new singers! It’s the second single off of her new EP, and it’s packed with energetic guitars, shimmering synths, and a stomping beat that puts a refreshing uplifting spin on what could have easily been a sad love song. Her strong vocals totally shine on this track, as well as its lyrics and hard-hitting chorus.



“Young Heart” gives me some serious Debbie Gibson/Tiffany vibes and it’s totally awesome. Playful and bubbly electronics, big echoey drums, and a super infectious chorus makes this one of my favorite tracks of her’s. There’s a wonderfully ‘80s bridge that hits after the 2:15 mark that begs you to sing and clap along along as she sings “my young heart never listens but I know it can.” It’s simply a fun bubblegum-pop track that makes you feel good.



Compared to the last two tracks we’ve featured, “Ashes” starts off a little on the darker side but is still very very pop. Pulsating bass-synths and a steady drum machine beat lead you into the chorus, which happens to be a shimmery synth-filled experience with awesomely visual lyrics. Lines like “it happens all the time with you/at first I’m seeing palm trees/we used to feel that Summer breeze/ but now there’s only fallen trees” give the track a trendy tropical feel that suits the song’s laid-back vibe perfectly.

Lastly, I’d like to give a shout out to Curator, Becks, for sharing this amazing new artist with us!

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