Armed with a blue hoodie, a mask that disguises her face, and a long brown wig, everything about Elizabeth Bernholz, aka Gazelle Twin, is completely unique and awesomely unsettling. The British producer/composer just released her latest album, Unflesh, and it's just what we needed in the music world to shake things up a bit. Her music is a blend of industrial and electropop, as her songs are packed with mechanical beats and bass-heavy synths that sit under her soft yet hard-hitting vocal style. You might want to keep the lights on as you read, because her music videos get a little on the creepy side. Just saying.



With a beat sounding like a ridged, electronic pulse that’s layered under some quickly spoken, whispery vocals, you’ll automatically be bracing yourself for what sounds come next in “Anti Body.” As the track goes on more drums and hi-hats come in, as well as buzzing electronic elements that create a awesomely creepy industrial vibe. I especially love what happens at the 2:40 mark, where the beats blend together and become even more urgent as a high pitched, swirling synth glides over it all. And as you’d expect, the video itself will make you feel like you’re stuck in a horror movie.



Be prepared to go on a creepy, car wash adventure with the video for one of her latest tracks, “GUTS.” Distorted and high-pitched vocals draw you in before you’re hit with a scattered, drum machine beat and fuzzy, bass-heavy synths. Towards the end of the track, things shift gears and feel slightly more at peace, as the beat glitches until it's eventually gone, leaving nothing but the sound of a wobbly synth.



She’s been creating lots of buzz with the video for her latest single, “Exorcise,” as it looks like a VHS copy of an old exercise tape gone terribly wrong. Beginning with wobbly synths, things slowly evolve as you’re introduced to a subtle “tap”, thump-y bass, and eventually the wonderfully dizzying electronic elements right before the 1-minute mark. The vocals are really what make this track slightly terrifying to listen to, as she shifts without warning from soft, almost spoken-word type lyrics to jolting you awake with a sudden bark. The elements become more sci-fi and eerie as the track goes on, until it all starts to blend together after the 2-minute mark. It's a solid, truly original track that's totally worth all of the hype.

Since I’m sure she won you over with her eerie sound, make sure to “like” Gazelle Twin’s Facebook page to show her your support. And if you’re still hungry for more new music, then click here!


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