We unfortunately don’t know much yet about Manchester-based duo GIRL FRIEND (yup, that’s two words) and their incredibly hard to google band name, but their infectious electropop sound had us here at BitCandy instantly smitten. According to their SoundCloud page, they were “inspired by the classic and refined electronic pop” sound, which totally comes through in their blissful neon-laced pop songs. If you’re a fan of alt-pop artists like Robyn or new Carly Rae Jepsen, or even artists like Classixx, read on because GIRL FRIEND is sure to be your new favorite electronic pop duo.



“Nocturnal” grabbed a hold of us right away with it’s pulsating synths, light and airy vocals, and drum machine beat that makes for a solid electropop track. The vocals push the track up to a whole other level just before the 0:40 mark with a crazy falsetto as magical electronic bloops sprinkle their way in, before distant echoing guitars and thumping bass add some intensity. “Come in closer/ I want you right now…Don’t you ever stop” he croons in the chorus while you’ll find yourself swaying back and forth to the beat. This track manages to be the perfect blend of moody electronics and uplifting synths that serves as a perfect example of their unique sound.



“Waste My Time” gets off on a bubbly start with sunshine-infused synths, a laid back beat, and breathy easy going vocals that make way for the track’s chorus that packs an awesomely tropical punch. Just after the 2:20 mark, soft atmospherics, tropical electronics and softly plucked electronic guitar notes serve as the track’s cool down period. I love when their joined vocals sing, “you were born to break my heart…waste my time/ hoping that you’ll change your mind,” before quickly throwing you back into the track’s playful beat.

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