Bust out your leg warmers and hair scrunchies, because Melbourne, Australia’s GL are some self-described “cosmic-funk revivalists” that are here with a time machine to take you back to the 80’s. Members Graeme Pogson and Ella Thompson have a unique electropop-meets-funk sound that they say is “the sound of cruise control, dive bars, strobe lights and tape decks.” In other words, they have a wonderfully 80’s-inspired sound that’s packed with plenty of synths, drum machines, and Thompson’s silky smooth vocals that make for a totally neon experience. If you’re a fan of current electropop acts but crave something new (or should I say retro?) and original, then read on to experience GL for yourself!



Featuring echoey drum machine beats and fuzzy synths, “What Happened To Us” serves as a great introduction to the duo’s sound and caused me to instantly fall in love with them. The track’s hazy introduction eases you in with magical sounding sparkling synths over a slow and steady beat, before Thompson shows off her Mariah Carey-style high notes around the 2:35 mark. The video itself is just as nostalgic with its soft-lens look at a city and people who look equal parts retro and modern.



The duo’s first single, “Won’t You See,” is a dreamy synth-pop track that is so awesomely 80’s that it’s hard to believe it was just released earlier this year. Featuring big electronic drums, wobbly synths, and plenty of funky elements, the track is insanely catchy and again proves that Thompson has the perfect vocals needed for their music. The video plays up the retro feel even more so than in “What Happened To Us,” as we see everything from side-ponytails to hi-top Nikes on a silly and dramatic young couple.

If you liked what you heard, then show them your support and download their debut EP, Love Hexagon, for free on their Facebook page! And lastly, I’d like to thank Curator, Higgins, for sharing this awesome new find with us!


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